Good morning everyone, I hope you see all safe and week and enjoying your last week at home.

The sun isn’t shining today which is a shame – it’s been so lovely having sunny days hasn’t it!

I hope you managed to have a go at yesterday’s colour challenge!

Here is another nice nature challenge you could try…

Have a lovely day, love Mrs Clarke 💞

Welcome to sunny March…

Happy 1st March everyone!

I hope you all had a beautiful weekend in the sunshine!

This is your final week of home learning before we all return to school next week! I can’t wait to see you all!

Seeing as it is another beautiful day today, I thought I would set you a challenge you could complete outside…

I would like you to go on a rainbow treasure hunt in your gardens…

Have a lovely day!

Mrs Clarke 💞

A beautiful new day…

What a beautiful sunny day we have today boys and girls!

It certainly seems like a Spring is on its way!

What do you like most about Spring?

Maybe you could spend some time in time in your gardens on this beautiful day and look for some signs of Spring? I wonder what you can find?

Have a beautiful day and a wonderful weekend!

Love always Mrs Clarke 💖

Thursday is here again…

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you are having a lovely week! Not long until the weekend is here!

I hope you are all working hard and enjoying our work this week! Iv seen some wonderful work from Isla and Annabelle! Well done girls!

Today I have a little sensory challenge for you…

Have a wonderful day 💞


A rainy Wednesday…

Welcome to Wednesday! A very rainy Wednesday!

I hope you are all doing ok and looking forward to coming back to school very soon!

It will be lovely to have everyone back!

Maybe today you could tell me one thing you have really missed about school and can’t wait to do again!

Have a lovely day!

Mrs Clarke x


Tuesday is here…

Good morning boys and girls, I hope you are all well and managed to get back in to some home schooling yesterday!

This week our work in literacy is around the story ‘What the ladybird heard’ by Julia Donaldson.

Did you enjoy reading it yesterday? I really hope so!

Today I’d like you to find out a fact about ladybirds which you didn’t know before! Can you share it with me?

Read more: Tuesday is here…

Welcome back to a brand new term…

Good morning my lovely class, I hope you had a lovely half term break with your families!

I’d love to hear what you got up to!

I went on lots of walks and bike rides which was nice, especially as the sun was shining and signs of Spring were popping up!

Let me know how you all are and share anything wonderful you got up to this past week!

Lots of love Mrs Clarke 💖

Happy half term…

Happy Friday boys and girls and welcome to the last day of this school term. Next week you are off on half term! Make sure you enjoy your week as much as you possibly can!

This weekend is Valentines Day! A day when we celebrate the people we love! If we were in school, we would be making Valentines cards so maybe you could make one at home for someone you love very much!

You could ask try out this activity which Miss Burns has shared with us…

Have a wonderful day and an even better week next week! I will speak to you all very soon!

Love Mrs Clarke 💞

Thursday is here…

Good morning boys and girls! Happy Thursday!

I haven’t heard from most of you on here for a long while so today’s task is simple… just send me a message to say hello and let me know how you are!

I miss you all very much! Love Mrs Clarke


Happy Wednesday everyone! Today is a brand new day so your challenge today is to try something new! Something you’ve never done before! It may be a new food you could try, a new game you haven’t planted before or a new skill you could try to master…

It’s always good to try new things! I wonder what you will do today!

Have a brilliant day xxx